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The Best Two Bucks You'll Ever Spend

Or, how to save hundreds with this one little part.

I’ve seen a wide variety of strange items clogging a shower drain: toothbrushes, travel-size shampoo bottles, small children’s toys and broken glass. By far, the most popular human byproduct causing shower woes is human hair. Without a doubt, human hair is the number one reason I get called for clogged shower drains.


I’ve been thinking about making this post for quite some time, but up until today, I was too afraid of embarrassing my fiance, and the subsequent backlash that would ensue. She doesn’t know I’m making this post, but I feel compelled to save my valued customers time and money. So here goes. If you see her, don’t tell her about it.


The following image would be considered NSFW (not safe for work), and if you have a sensitive stomach, or a child around, I would recommend that you do not scroll down. When you are adequately prepared, continue scrolling.



Here it comes.



Brace yourself.



Just a little more.






broken image

What you’re looking at is approximately one month’s worth of my fiance’s beautiful, long, thick, hair. I know it is about one month’s worth, because I cleaned out the shower strainer the day before our cleaning person was to arrive, and she comes once a month.

Look. at. all. that. hair. 


broken image

This simple device is called a stainless steel shower strainer, and they are about $2. Amazon has them, but Goodman’s in Mill Valley has them in all shapes and sizes.

And these are the most effective showers strainers that I have ever come across. They have hundreds of very fine holes to allow plenty of water through, so the flow of water down the drain is not affected. However, the difference between this strainer, and other, lesser, inferior strainers, is the size of the openings. This type of shower strainer, albeit a little primitive looking, is extremely good at catching hair. It is so effective, I have to clean it out after just about every shower.

Place one of these strainers in every shower, or tub shower, in your home to save a call to the plumber!