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    A complete list of all the plumbing issues Pina Plumbing can assist you with!

    Water Heater Repair & Installation

    Natural Gas or Electric.

    Troubleshoot, repair, or replace tank water heaters of all capacities, from 5 gallons to 80 gallons.

    Toilet Installation and Repair

    Floor mounted toilets

    Clogged, running, or leaking toilet? No problem. We're experienced in servicing most brands floor-mounted of toilets.

    Bathroom Faucet Installation and Repair

    Center set, widespread, wall-mount, and single-hole faucets.

    Service and repair many types of bathroom faucets.

    Shower Repair and Installation

    Dripping shower heads, clogged shower drains and shower valve repair & replacement.

    If the water flow in your shower head leaves something to be desired, we can help. We can also repair shower valves or leaking shower heads, clogged shower drains, and more.

    Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless or on-demand water heater installation and annual maintenance.

    We can assist you in making the switch from a traditional tank water heater to a tankless model. We recommend Navien & Rinnai models.

    Drain & Leak Repair

    Kitchen, bathroom, and other plumbing systems.

    Specializing in working with ABS plastic pipe, cast iron, copper, and PVC drain fittings and pipe. We can diagnose and repair all sorts of leaks.

    Copper & Pex Pipe Installation & Re-piping

    Whole-house or partial re-piping.

    Repairing leaking copper pipes, replacing old galvanized water lines with new copper or pex, or re-piping your entire home.

    Bathtub repair

    Tub spouts and drains.

    We can repair or replace your tub spout or handles, and remedy clogged tub drain.

    Garbage Disposals

    Installation and repair

    Providing expert installation of new garbage disposals, troubleshooting leaking garbage disposals and clearing clogged dishwasher drains.

    Insta-Hot Installation and Repair

    Faucets and tanks.

    We can install or replace your insta-hot faucet or tank.

    Pot Filler Installation

    Make pasta in a snap

    Pot fillers are an ideal option for pasta lovers or soup aficionados.

    Dishwasher Installation

    New installations or clogged dishwashers.

    We are capable of handling new dishwasher installations, dishwasher replacement, or clearing blocked dishwasher drains.

    Water Filtration Installation & Maintenance

    Whole-house or point-of-use.

    We can service or install your new water filtration system, whether it's an under-counter filter in your kitchen or a whole-house water filtration system.

    Hot Water Recirculation

    Dedicated or point-of-use

    Piña Plumbing can help you get hot water faster. Running water down the drain, waiting for hot water to arrive is a waste of valuable resources. We can help determine the best solution for your hot water needs.

    Wall Mount Toilet Installation & Repair

    TOTO, Geberit, Viego, and more.

    We're capable of new installation & repair of wall-mount toilet systems.

    Gas Line Installation and Repair

    Leak detection, repair, and new installation.

    Piña Plumbing can properly size and install new gas lines for various applications, including fire pits, barbecues, fire places, water heaters, furnaces, cook tops and ovens, dryers, and more. We have tools for detecting gas leaks and can repair gas lines.

    Earthquake Gas Shut Offs

    New installations

    California plumbing code requires the installation of an automatic seismic gas shut off valve on all residential homes. Piña Plumbing recommends is capable of handling installations of all sizes and types.

    Drain Snaking and Rootering

    Kitchen and bathroom sinks, tub and shower drains, and laundry sinks.

    Pina Plumbing is capable of snaking and unclogging small and medium sized plumbing drains.

    Kitchen Faucet Installation and Repair

    Wall-mount, single hole and multiple hole installations.

    Piña Plumbing, Inc. can repair or replace your kitchen faucet, diagnose, and repair leaking or dripping kitchen faucets.

    Kitchen Fixture Installation

    Soap dispensers, air switch, air gap, and more.

    We install and replace kitchen sink fixtures, such as soap dispensers, air gaps (dishwasher drains), garbage disposal push buttons and more.

    High Water Pressure Regulation

    Pressure reducing valve installations

    Loud or banging pipes, multiple leaking fixtures, running toilets, and outrageous water bills can be a symptom of high water pressure. Piña Plumbing is very experienced in diagnosing and repairing high water pressure, and installing pressure reducing valves.

    Water Shut Off Valves

    Whole-home and point-of-use.

    In the event of an emergency, or when you need to service a plumbing fixture, it is crucial to be able to turn the water off to your home easily.

    Generator Gas Lines

    Natural Gas Line Installation

    With mandatory PG&E power outages becoming a common occurrence in Marin county, a natural gas-powered generator is an unlikely commodity. Pina Plumbing, Inc. is a certified gas line installer and provides free estimates for generator gas line installation.

  • Referrals

    In the event that I am unable to help you for any reason, these are other local, high-quality plumbers who Pina Plumbing recommends:

    Clear Wood Plumbing


    San Rafael

    (707) 480-6028

    Residential/commercial plumbing services, sewer snaking and camera, boiler & radiant.

    Mike Schultz Plumbing


    Corte Madera

    (415) 302-7370

    Residential plumbing service & repair

    Tankless water heater installation.

    Dan's Plumbing and Sewer Service


    San Rafael

    (415) 261-8303

    Residential plumbing service & repair, sewer snaking and camera. Tankless water heater installation.

    Adelso Rodas Plumbing



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    Residential plumbing services, water heater replacement.

    Roy's Sewer Service



    (415) 892-5480


    Drains & sewer snaking, and camera.

  • Meet the Team

    Tyler Piña

    Piña Plumbing CEO, Secretary, Janitor, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Billing, Webmaster, and Master Plumber

    Before starting my own plumbing company, I spent nearly 10 years working for a local, family-owned, small plumbing outfit, developing my skillset primarily as a service and repair plumber. When my boss went on vacation, he would leave me in charge of business-related tasks, such as returning customer's phone calls, scheduling appointments, and calling in the payroll. For several years, I was very intimidated by the act of running a small business. Progressively, I came to enjoy having those responsibilities, and that was when I knew I wanted to start my own company. In 2015, I founded Piña Plumbing.

    Andrew Ong

    Apprentice Plumber

    Andy began his plumbing career with Piña Plumbing in 2020. He has worked as a local soccer coach and in biotech inventory management. Andrew and Tyler were friends throughout middle and high school, and after reconnecting with Tyler on a plumbing project, decided he wanted to challenge himself with a more technical career. He specializes in service and repair plumbing.

    Gracie and Remington Piña

    Bookkeeper/Tyler's Wifey, Official Piña Plumbing Model/Tyler's Baby Girl

    Gracie and Remi are Tyler's number one cheerleaders, helping with cute photoshoots, keeping expenses in order and providing lots of love and laughter along the way.

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    Plumbing tips, tricks, and advice.

    How to: Hot Water Recirculation and Reducing Water Waste

    California is officially in a stage 1 drought, so I thought I would create this video to help non-plumbers understand what hot water recirculation is and how it can be achieved. Installing a hot water recirculation system in your home will provide you with nearly instant hot water at most plumbing fixtures, and significantly reduce water waste.

    The Importance of Water Filtration

    I perform the annual filter replacement on my whole-house water filter system. Check out what I find.

    Fun outdoor shower project in Mill Valley.

    Showcasing a fun little project I did for my customer who enjoys surfing and wanted somewhere to rinse off before he entered his house. He also wanted a hand spray for rinsing off his dog.

    Ridgid ProPress

    A short video displaying how to use a ProPress tool and fittings for residential water lines.

    Cleaning a P-Trap

    How to clean out the drain underneath your kitchen or bathroom sink.

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